Thing Power

We are at it again! Exploring the lives of objects as they move on from their intended purpose on the stage at ART, we have created a new 2-night-only performance debuting March 29 & 30, 2019. See these objects in a new light and join us for a special conversation about material use and reuse in the theatre industry. Tickets are on sale now. Pay what you can!

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Object Karaoke

March 29 & 30, 2019 @ 7:30pm | Artist’s Repertory Theatre


What if things could speak? What could they tell us? Or are they speaking already and we just don't hear them?
- Walter Benjamin

Join Hand2Mouth and guest performers for the Alder Stage's final performance before demolition. Created using objects from Artists Rep's 2018-19 season, this farewell production listens to the songs and mutterings of objects. By tuning into the language of things, we can hear how the panel drapes communicate with picnic supplies, turn up the siren song of the disco ball, and finally know the secret whisperings of the theatre seats. What might these previously unlistened to things tell us about the 22 year history of the Alder Stage?

Object Karaoke (2019) is a continuation of research into "thing power" begun with Object Karaoke (2018), a one-night only performance held at Artists Repertory Theatre on Feb 27, 2018. This new production invites new objects, and several new artists, to create a farewell performance to Artist Rep's Alder Stage.


Greening the Scene: a community conversation about material use and reuse in the arts
March 30, 2019 @ 6:00pm, Artists Repertory Theatre, Alder Stage

Special event with Hand2Mouth and other industry professionals to discuss how to make our city's ever expanding theatre and performance scene more environmentally sustainable.



Object Karaoke tickets are the price that is right for you. Pay anywhere from $1-$25 for your ticket. We believe everyone should have access to art. As a special deal, we are offering h2m membership to anyone who pays $25 for their ticket to Object Karaoke! Check out the great benefits of membership below and buy your tickets now!


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Get Lost With Us

It's almost here! Our latest creation is coming to the "stage" this month in the form of our first ever, all-ages, fully-immersive, interactive production, Dream|Logic. The product of many brilliant minds including our amazing friends Andrea StolowitzLarry Krone, and Red Yarn! This production was inspired by interviews with teenagers in our Student Voices program and we can't wait to share it with you!

photo by Sarah Marguier

photo by Sarah Marguier


Performances: Saturdays: 11:30am & 1:30pm, Sundays: 1:30pm, 3:30pm & 6:00pm, Mondays: School Groups by Appointment
Venue: Alberta Abbey, 126 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211

Created by Director Jonathan Walters & Performers Sascha Blocker, Jean-Luc Boucherot, Jenni Green-Miller, Liz Hayden, Ashley Mellinger, Kajanne Pepper, & Judson Williams, & Collaborating Writer Andrea Stolowitz.

Designed by Kelly Bauman (Sound), Eve Bradford (Scenic Assistant), Ryan Bruce (Builder), Larry Krone (Scenic), Sarah Marguier (Costumes, Props, & Photography), Jon Timm (Video & Tech), & Michael Cavazos (Stage Manager).

Original musical compositions by Red Yarn.

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We want to thank you for being a part of our Hand2Mouth family. With all of your generous support now and over our 17+ years, we continue creating original new works that are bold and accessible, potent, relevant and audacious.

To continue this work, we have established a membership and sponsorship program for our family of supporters to contribute directly to the services we provide. We are asking for your contribution to further our service to the community through either a one-time or recurring tax-deductible donation. With you continued support, we move forward together.

Object Karaoke, February 2017

Object Karaoke, February 2017

2018 has been a year filled with exploration and discoveries. We embrace the fact that H2M is an artist-founded, artist-run and artist-led theatre company; small, but our ambition and reach have exploded over the last few years, as proven through our recent collaborations with arts organizations like Third Angle New Music, CoHo Productions, and Artists Repertory Theatre.

Project Uniform, April 2018

Project Uniform, April 2018

We’ve created new theatre from wide-ranging sources including beloved singer-songwriter Elliott Smith, an archive of suicide-focused newspaper articles from the 1940’s, a playwright’s Great-Grandfather’s post-escaping-the-holocaust journal, interviews with real-life founders of Utopian communities, and ‘research’ into scenic objects made for other theatre’s stage productions. All these works were paired with free public conversations with community experts

Along with strong artistic and literary merits, [Hand2Mouth] brought the community an opportunity to engage in an important, contained, and actual conversation.
- Dr. David Shultis, Youth Counselor, Outside In

A Fond Farewell, April 2018

A Fond Farewell, April 2018

We’ve created work with our newly-enlarged H2M Company, hired our favorite collaborators, partnered with local visionary artists, and flown in nationally recognized designers and composers. All to create provocative work that continues to amplify the voices and ideas our community recognizes as important, right now. Just this summer we were awarded our biggest financial awards ever from an individual and a foundation; acknowledging and supporting our artistic projects that allow audiences to consider the complexities of the universe inside themselves.

I feel very lucky to have been able to build these shows with such great people. It's been a real joy, and I hope to work with you again.
- Ben Moorad, Writer

A Preview of 2018-19 in Desserts, June 2018

A Preview of 2018-19 in Desserts, June 2018

We are very proud to see our Student Voices youth theatre workshops expand into five public schools, providing creative education and professional experience to teenagers on the edges of the city, whose voices are rarely heard or celebrated in new theatre works. We have strengthened our relationships with community partner organizations, deepening our work with Outside In to provide professional development opportunities to young people experiencing homelessness through internships and employment within our creative process.

I [have] been having a really fun time working with you guys again. And to be honest, I truly love my job.
- Narci Quintera, part-time Production Assistant, former Outside In Intern

The Art of Blushing & The Lazarus Complex, November 2018

The Art of Blushing & The Lazarus Complex, November 2018

We all have a universe inside of us; an ever-expanding web of experiences and depths. We choose to enter this new year honoring the profound unity discovered through acknowledging and accepting our diversity.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Holiday Portrait Studio, December 2018

Holiday Portrait Studio, December 2018

xo, h2m

Company: Jonathan Walters, Erin Leddy, Liz Hayden, Jenni Green-Miller, Jean-Luc Boucherot, Judson Williams
Project Manager & Education Director : Lucille Dawson
Board: March Brooker, Anthony Green, Teresa Koberstein, Steve Neighorn, Jonathan Walters, Zed Jones