A one-night only performance/tour through the facilities of the PERPETUAL Corporation as part of Portland Center Stage's Just Add Water West Festival 2006.

The PERPETUAL Corporation: Striving for Your Content, Making Attractive your Commodities.

The performance takes you through many of our key offices, witnessing the true heart of our corporate culture on our three levels at the World Trade Center. At the end of this time, you will have a better understanding of the inner workings of the PERPETUAL Corporation. It is our hope at the PERPETUAL Corporation that this tour will show you that a corporation is more than one person. A corporation is a collection of natural persons, becoming one legal person.

Developed by

Alexandra Bradbury, Jacob Coleman, Julie Hammond, Liz Hayden, Faith Helma, Frank Marroquin, Ken Moore, Jerry Tischleder, Gillian Tabler, Aaron Link, Seth Nehil, Adam Saucy & Jonathan Walters

Project Director

Jonathan Walters

Perpetual Top Performers

Alexandra Bradbury, Jacob Coleman, Julie Hammond, Liz Hayden, Faith Helma, Ken Moore, Elle Poindexter, Jerry Tischleder, Frank Marroquin

Perpetual Associate Performers

Jillian Johnson, Kate Mura, Monica Peltomaki, Philippa Anderson, Jacob Baynes, Marla Leahy, Deirdre Atkinson, Theodore Holdt, Kristin Moore

Project Manager

Gillian Tabler

Sound Composition & Design

Seth Nehil

Lighting & Technical Design

Adam Saucy

Company Attire

Carly Jayne

Map, Logo, & Acid House Design

David Chandler

After Hours is not currently available for touring.

Performance Dates

  • Portland, OR: July 22, 2006