Avoid Walking Backwards, one of Hand2Mouth's early, exploratory pieces, was created by a group of theatre artists over a period of six months. After months of physical training in the methods of Jerzy Grotowski, Anne Bogart and Gardzienice, the group began to develop and improvise scenes, eventually arriving at five interlocking scenes exploring love, death, and possessiveness.   The piece was performed in Portland at the Back Door Theatre and later at the Raindog Theatre.

Aryn Bartley, Susan Faust, Faith Helma, Walt Schaefer & Jonathan Walters

"The new Hand2Mouth Theatre company is a troupe of young artists who gained their experience by training with Anne Bogart [and] immersing themselves in ritual and stilt-walking around Europe. In short, theirs is an eclectic theater, interested in creating collages of movement and language. The company's second piece is a series of blackouts primarily exploring human behavior and the difficulties in communication. There are also some comical interludes, as well as a balletic segment of mourners ritualistically washing the dead. The performers, which include Walt Schaefer, Aryn Bartley, Faith Helma, Susan Faust and artistic director Jonathan Walters, are rarities in Portland, as they are nimble in movement and expressiveness and are able to communicate more in a raised eyebrow than half the Macbeth cast can in their three hours of arm spasms and shouting."
-Steffen Silvis, Willamette Week, April 2000

Avoid Walking Backwards is not currently available for touring.

Performance Dates

  • April & June 2000