"I Want to Feel the Universe Inside of Me” - Joaquin Lopez

29 years ago a young Latino boy came out in Aloha, Oregon. Alone and 15 years old, he was determined to be a part of this world. In pursuit for a place under the sun, he listened to the music, danced to his own rhythm, and with his girlfriends discovered PRIDE on the dance floor!

Joaquin Lopez has written and recorded a concept album of 10 original songs inspired by his coming of age and coming out as a gay man. The album is an infectious, unique, and unusual blend of electronic and studio recorded music influenced by 80s and 90s dance and electro-pop sounds and rhythms.

UNIVERSO || The Universe Inside is a theatrical concert that elevates the album’s songs into a bilingual, multimedia moving collage of universal images and video interwoven with soundtrack and soundscape that invites the audience to enter the emotional panorama of a man traveling through the cosmic journey of becoming whole and embracing all parts of himself.

Co-created with performing artist and art director, Michael Cavazos, the audience will enter a magical world that pays tribute to Latino queer identity, emotional survival, and personal transformation to a disco beat!