Derived from myths and songs of Central Europe and the American West, BLUEfollows a corrupt traveling healer and a mother mad with grief on a journey as they confront howling ghosts from their past, townsfolk dying from a mysterious disease, and raging demons of revenge. The show is an open-air contemporary street theatre performance using masks, stilts, a cappella song and riveting physical work to tell a story that brings two distinct cultural traditions together.

Developed and co-produced by Hand2Mouth Theatre and Stacja Szamocin.


Jonathan Walters

Production Manager: Ida Bocian
Production Advisors: Luba Zarembinska, Wojciech Winski

2005 (U.S.)

Performers: Sabra Choi, Jessica Wallenfels, Kurt Conroyd, Timothy Scarrott, Mark Hayes, Erin Leddy, Faith Helma, Julie Hammond, and Amy Jo McCarville.

Crew: Sarah Burgardt - Stage Manager, Dave Stefani - Lights and Sound, Dawn Panttaja - Props and Set, and assistance from Drew Dannhorn and Philip Cuomo.

2005 (Poland):

Performers: Bogna Bembnista, Ida Bocian, Julie Hammond, Mark Hayes, Faith Helma, Erin Leddy, Patryk Czaplicki, Wiktoria Kulaszewska and Michael

Crew: Kasia Derwich

2004 (Poland):

Performers: Bogna Bembnista, Ida Bocian, Kasia Derwich, Sarah Dyrhaug, Faith Helma, Wiktoria Kulaszewska, Erin Leddy, Jacek Malarski & Paul Susi

BLUE is not currently available for touring.