Fri-Tue, Feb 23 - Mar 12, 2019 @ Alberta Abbey

Hand2Mouth (H2M) is creating a new immersive theatre piece, for children and adults, with a diverse cast of local performers. Dream|Logic will transport audiences on a journey inspired by the most influential fantasy and sci-fi books and films from the ensemble's own childhoods. The script will be created from interviews conducted with Portland area public school teenagers, enrolled in H2M's education program, Student Voices, to create a hybrid-tale that bridges the childhood experiences of different generations.

In Portland, there is a massive gulf between youth and families that have access to the breathtaking cultural range of local artistry and training, and those without opportunity to experience or engage with it due to economical and societal barriers. In response to this, H2M began the Student Voices program in 2017, bringing no-cost theatre creation training to teenagers in the Portland area, at under-resourced schools.

Dream|Logic expands this program via a radical new work; an immersive, interactive piece of theatre that is focused on equity in its cast, its creators, and most importantly its audience. DreamILogic will be H2M’s first ever all-ages show, and addresses the community need for contemporary theatre that is both challenging and accessible to adults and children alike.

During the development of DreamILogic, performers will work with youth as part of Student Voices' public school residencies, leading discussions about which stories and characters have inspired students most. Drawing from these interviews, the language and story lines of DreamILogic will come alive establishing the youth as collaborating artists.

Dream|Logic opens H2M’s potential to connect directly with their audience by using non-traditional spaces, taking the audience through staged areas in order to be a part of the production, and including a more diverse group in the creative planning and performing process than we ever have before. This project seeks to unite our city by bringing together the childhood experiences of the performers, Portland’s vibrant teens, very young audiences and their families, and our traditional theatre-goers.