Photo by sarah marguier

Photo by sarah marguier


Sat-Mon, Feb 23 - Mar 11, 2019 @ Alberta Abbey

Prepare to be transported into a world parallel to our own, the world of Dream|Logic. A world of strange creatures and machines where the rules of our own reality don't apply, where the same door can take you to infinite places. Travel through the dreamscape of the historic Alberta Abbey on a quest to help us fix the dream machine.

Dream/Logic is a fully immersive theatre piece designed for designed for children and adults (recommended age: 10+). Run Time: 60 minutes.

Elements of the show have been developed with local teenagers in H2M’s Student Voices program.

Performances: Saturdays: 11:30am & 1:30pm, Sundays: 1:30pm, 3:30pm & 6:00pm, Mondays: School Groups by Appointment

Venue: Alberta Abbey, 126 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211


Created by Director Jonathan Walters & Performers Sascha Blocker, Jean-Luc Boucherot, Jenni Green-Miller, Liz Hayden, Ashley Mellinger, Kajanne Pepper, & Judson Williams, & Collaborating Writer Andrea Stolowitz.

Designed by Kelly Bauman (Sound), Eve Bradford (Scenic Assistant), Ryan Bruce (Builder), Larry Krone (Scenic), Sarah Marguier (Costumes, Props, & Photography), Jon Timm (Video & Tech), & Michael Cavazos (Stage Manager).

Original musical compositions by Andy Furgeson of RED YARN.


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Confused? This may help.

How long is the show? / When can I arrive?

Run time is approximately 60 minutes. Doors will not open until 30 minutes prior to each performance. The performance will begin promptly at show time and there will be no late entry. If you have to leave during the performance for any reason, there will be no re-entry.

What is the recommended age for audience?

This production is recommended for audiences 10+ but is suitable for all ages with parental consent. Some of the experiences may be tense for younger audiences due to loud sounds, dark lighting, and creatures.

Where is the venue?

Dream|Logic will be performed in the downstairs rooms of the historic Alberta Abbey, 126 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211. Enter the building from Alberta Street at the door marked with a H2M sandwich board.

Is the venue accessible?

The areas of this venue in which the show takes place are not accessible to those using walkers or wheelchairs. Audience must walk, stand, and sit and throughout the duration of the show, travel on stairs, ramps, and uneven ground.

How is the audience incorporated into the work? What kinds of choices can the participants make?

The audience is told at the beginning that they are a specially assembled group (because human beings are rarely ever invited into the dream vortex world) who are our only hope to repair the broken machine. Along the way, they have to solve certain kind of challenges, some based on music/sound, some based on using their brains, but the most important choices they make are the dreams, risks, and personal stories they choose to (or choose not to) share — they become the most important pieces of the story.

How are you designing around audience agency, consent, and safety?

A few things — audience members are always asked or invited to take part. Audiences are not touched without consent, and also are welcome to not respond or reply to any of the questions they are asked. Non-responses are always reacted to by actors with a positive, thankful tone (or at least with a funny, in-character acceptance of this). We have structured the show to gather details from the audience anonymously, and they are spoken/reused by different audience members in a “hidden” way.

Who is the ideal audience member for this show?

A bright, open-minded, lively, curious human being who has the following life experiences:

  • Was ever, or is currently, a child.

  • Ever had, or is currently having, a dream.