A month long summer festival, "Gus Van Sant: 30 Years", celebrates the career of a local hero, and one of America's most adventurous film makers. This is an opportunity for fans to go even deeper into Van Sant's career after Northwest Film Center's Essential Van Sant spring series. It's also a great chance to see "My Own Private Idaho" on the big screen before or after you see Hand2Mouth's theatrical take on the film - Time, A Fair Hustler.

Curated by Mario Falsetto, author of Conversations with Gus Van Sant

Screening Dates

Clinton Street Theatre
July 5, EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES (1993)- 7 pm

July 11, TO DIE FOR (1995)- 4 pm

July 12, GOOD WILL HUNTING (1997)- 2 pm

July 18, PSYCHO (1999/PSYCHO (1960) double-feature (Van Sant and Hitchcock's original)- 2 pm

July 26, PARANOID PARK (2007)- 4 pm

August 1, PROMISED LAND (2012)- 7:30 pm

Tickets available in advance online or at the door. $7 per film or $30 for the series!

McMenamin's Mission Theatre

August 5-7, MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO (1991)- 5:30 pm

Tickets available at the venue.