Hidden Stories: an outdoor immersive experience

 Boom Arts and Hand2Mouth present: Hidden Stories: an outdoor immersive experience, by French company Begat Theatre

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“A completely new experience which must absolutely be seen.”
— L’Impartial (SWITZERLAND)
“Begat Theater presents an insightful and deeply moving performance in the heart of the public space.”
— Télérama (FRANCE)
“Street theater that speaks to the senses, that destabilizes and pushes aside preconceived ideas.”
— Nice Matin (FRANCE)

After over 200 performances in Europe, two of Portland’s most risk taking companies Boom Arts and Hand2Mouth are teaming up to co-present the West Coast premiere of Hidden Stories by France’s Begat Theater from October 10-13th. This performance will kick off both company’s 2019-20 seasons of performances in true collaborative style.

Hidden Stories [Histoires Cachées] is an outdoor immersive performance where the city is transformed into a sound stage, the audience’s eye is the lens of a camera, and the spectator themself is the editor, choosing which images to synchronize to the sound track being played in their ears. They are free to follow the story from up close or from far away, to look at each detail, each gesture, each blink of an eye, or to let themselves be carried away by their own imagination and abandon themselves to the urban decor. 

Featuring two Portland natives, Karin Holmstrom and Dion Doulis, and an original soundtrack by Peter Holmstrom of the Dandy Warhols; the audience, supplied with headphones, is temporarily endowed with the power to hear the thoughts of certain passers-by and to follow them into the unknown. A single rule of thumb: follow an ordinary object (an orange, a newspaper, a box of matches, or a pen) as it makes its way through the streets of the city.

The question at the heart of the piece: “How can I live in a city of thousands, or even millions, and yet still feel so alone?” 

Translations: The show is available in French and English. Each spectator is free to choose his or her language.

Hidden Stories

by Begat Theatre co-presented by Boom Arts and Hand2Mouth

Concept development: Karin Holmström, Dion Doulis and Erika Latta

Direction: Erika Latta

Sound Design: Erika Latta and Dion Doulis

Original music: Peter Holmström (The Dandy Warhols, Pete International Airport, Radis Noir, Rebel Drones)

With: Hervé Cristianini, Dion Doulis, Karin Holmström, Nolwenn Moreau and Philippe Laliard

Performance dates and times

Thursday October 10 7 pm

Friday October 11 7 pm

Saturday October 12 12 & 6 pm

Sunday October 13 12 & 6 pm

Artist workshop and talk: On Monday October 7 Begat company members will present an artist workshop from 5:30-7:30 entitled “Theater in the City” for local artists interested in expanding their practice to include outdoor spaces followed immediately after by an Artists talk at 8pm on the history of Begat’s work in the context of street theater in France.

WhereDowntown Portland ( a secret meeting point will be revealed after buying tickets)

Tickets:  General $25