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A Preview of SEASON 3 in Desserts

Join us for an evening of desserts inspired by H2M's 2019-20 season created by our dear friend, Morgan St Theater.

Sunday, June 2, 2018 from 5:00-7:00pm

@ Shout House, 210 SE Madison St, Ste. 11, Portland, OR 97214

Tickets $50 (for 3 bespoke dessert courses & performances) 

Jared Goodman is a storyteller and conceptual ice cream artist who hosts dessert theatre performances under the guise of Morgan St Theater. Goodman’s desserts are made from scratch and find inspiration in the emotions, themes, biographies, history, etc of a story or work of art. He served as a culinary artist-in-residence at the Portland Art Museum with the project, Edible Art History. This art history meets ice cream social was featured on OPB Art Beat. His latest show, The Jewish Project was funded by RACC last year, and aspires to combat anti-semitism with ice cream and storytelling. Jared returns to The Shout House to collaborate with us, for what will be a thrilling and delicious experience!