“We don't simply listen and watch a meditation on the values of life; we actively participate. Project X: You Are Here is, in short, about what it is to be human in the 21st century.
— The Oregonian

Project X: You Are Here is a living time capsule and interactive museum created by Hand2Mouth and filled in with the stories, memories and experiences of visitors. A site-mobile performance, Project X: You Are Here has performed at Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival, artist live/work spaces, and a high rise condominium loading bay.

GROUND CONTROL, built into a retro-fitted Mobile Mini storage container, is the heart and headquarters of Project X. Here you find stations for listening, reading, writing, and an instant-time-capsule drop off site; a collective time-line stretches across the outside of Ground Control, recording seminal events and future hopes; this is a space for people to remember and share, listen and record. 

SATELITES, mobile performance units, radiate from Ground Control and house opportunities to Choose Your Legacy, Survey Your Life, Record Memories, and Talk With A Guide. Contributions from these interactive performances are returned Ground Control for display.

Project X: You Are Here was commissioned by One Reel Productions for Seattle’s Bumbershoot Arts Festival where it premiered in August 2008. Additional development support provided by Milepost 5, Portland Community College Art Beat Festival, South Waterfront Artists-in-Residence Program, The Kinsman Foundation, Regional Arts and Culture Council, Multnomah County Cultural Coalition, 4Culture, and Artists Trust Grants for Artist Projects Award.


Performance Dates

  • Network of Ensemble Theaters Summit, June 2009, San Francisco, CA
  • Bumbershoot, August 2008, Seattle, WA
  • Milepost 5, August 2008, Portland, OR
  • PCC ArtBeat, May 2008, Portland, OR