Student Voices is a program of theatrical workshops that allow teenagers to tell their own stories and truths at five Portland area public school SUN sites at no cost to students. In workshops youth are able to collaborate, under professional artistic guidance, and express their own experiences through theatre.

Using storytelling, improvisation, and movement we will create new stories and scenes influenced by our own lives. Share your experiences through play and learn to craft a narrative with or without text. All levels welcome!


Hand2Mouth is an organization that has committed to telling stories from new perspectives and vantage points that offer insight into the human condition; their work sheds light onto unearthed feelings and human emotions; and Hand2Mouth creates original devised work driven by cultural narratives that are urgent and necessary to challenge and reconstruct who we are as a community.

Hand2Mouth’s educational program Student Voices welcomes students to embark on a narrative experience utilizing the tools that fostered their unique theatrical identity in Portland and beyond. Their storytelling tools will enable students to look beyond their known perspectives to investigate and tell the stories they hold inside.


The SUN (Schools Uniting Neighborhoods) community programs have been identified by Multnomah County as having a lack of resources and education opportunities.



Currently we offer after-school instruction @

  • Jackson Middle School (PPS)

  • Parkrose High School (DDSD)

  • Marysville School (PPS)

  • Roseway Heights Middle School (PPS)

  • Ron Russell Middle School (DDSD).

Our instructors are professional theatre makers and primarily artists of color. We believe in promoting racial equity in the arts through representation in the theatre that we create and services that we provide. It is important that our students see themselves represented on the stage and in the classroom.


The partnership established between Portland SUN Community Schools and Hand2Mouth Theatre serves to expand and enhance the extracurricular arts offerings to youth attending and living in Portland public school districts. This partnership enriches the lives of youth through the experience of creative exploration and production, providing real world experience with professional artists as a pathway to personal and professional development.

This program is open and accessible to all young people within the community of each school, with the intention of reaching youth who have previously expressed an interest in the performing arts as well as an introduction to those who are participating for the first time. This partnership provides opportunities to create original work from a technical perspective as well as a performance standpoint, meeting the participants at their level and encouraging participation that is meaningful to the broader community.

The mutual goal of this partnership between Hand2Mouth Theatre, each participating public school, and SUN is to increase community involvement through collaboration, improve skills for healthy personal development that will permeate through academia, and inspire creativity as a tool for expression and synergy.

H2M Education Program tenets

  1. Low or no cost to students

  2. Arts education that otherwise would not be available

  3. Experience working with professional artists

Training & Workshops

Hand2Mouth Theatre conducts trainings and teaches workshops for all ages in Portland, OR and across the US. Please contact us for information on bringing Hand2Mouth to your school or venue.