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Supporting Foundations:

  • Association of Performing Arts Presenters (Washington DC)

  • Autzen Foundation (Portland, OR)

  • Bloomfield Family Foundation (Portland, OR)

  • The Equity Foundation (Portland, OR)

  • The Celebration Foundation (Portland, OR)

  • The Juan Young Trust (Portland, OR)

  • The Kinsman Foundation (Milwaukie, OR)

  • The James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation (Portland, OR)

  • Metro (Portland, OR)

  • Meyer Memorial Trust (Portland, OR)

  • Multnomah County Cultural Coalition (Portland, OR)

  • Oregon Arts Commission (Salem, OR)

  • Oregon Community Foundation (Portland, OR)

  • Oregon Cultural Trust (Salem, OR)

  • PGE Foundation (Portland, OR)

  • Puffin Foundation (Teaneck, NJ)

  • Regional Arts and Culture Council (Portland, OR)

  • Spirit Mountain Community Fund (Grand Ronde, OR)

  • The Herbert A Templeton Foundation (Portland, OR)

  • Trust for Mutual Understanding (New York, NY)

  • U.S. Embassy Department of Public Affairs (Warsaw, Poland)

Individual Supporters

  • Ronni Lacroute (McMinnville, OR)

  • Linda Austin (Portland, OR)

  • Lynn Bartley (East Lansing, MI)

  • Bryan Bruns (San Diego, CA)

  • Allison DeLauer (Richmond, CA)

  • Matthew Drake (Portland, OR)

  • Margaret Elkmann (Portland, OR)

  • Miriam Griggs (Portland, OR)

  • Michael Griggs (Portland, OR)

  • Deborah Hammond (Tacoma, WA)

  • Stan Hayden (Eugene, OR)

  • William Erik Hofland (Portland, OR)

  • Theo Holdt (Washougal, WA)

  • Joel B Johnson (Odem, TX)

  • Tanyastar Kim (Portland, OR)

  • Mary Kogen (Portland, OR)

  • Elizabeth Leddy (East Greenwich, RI)

  • Thomas Leddy (East Greenwich, RI)

  • Judith Marks (Portland, OR)

  • Melissa Masini (Portland, OR)

  • Steven Neighorn (Portland, OR)

  • Anne Prescott (Portland, OR)

  • Audrey Romeo (Portland, OR)

  • Adrienne Soucy (Portland, OR)

  • Marshal Spector (Portland, OR)

  • Alisha Tonsic (Portland, OR)

  • Lisa Volle (Portland, OR)

  • Bethany Walmsley (Woodland, WA)

  • Dave Welch (Portland, OR)

  • James Wilcox (Portland, OR)

Business Sponsors:

  • Alberta Cooperative Grocery

  • Aloha Juice Company

  • Base Camp Brewing Company

  • Bijou, Cafe

  • Brew Dr. Kombucha

  • Camera Graphics

  • Casa Bruno, LLC

  • Columbia Gorge Organics

  • Delphina's Bakery

  • din din catering

  • Eastside Distilling

  • Escape From NY Pizza

  • Full Sail Brewing Company

  • Fritz Mitas/ Architectural Furnishings

  • FLOR

  • Half/Drop Repeats

  • Hood River Organics

  • Hot Lips Pizza

  • KZME 107.1FM and 91.1FM

  • Kookoolan Farms

  • La Bonita

  • Liberty CBD Oil Company

  • Lompoc Brewing

  • Mississippi Pizza

  • Naked Winery

  • Nature Bake

  • New Deal Distillery

  • Ninkasi Brewing

  • Noah's Bagels

  • Paper Plus

  • Pioneer Organics

  • Pyro Pizza

  • Ristretto Roasters

  • Serratto

  • Sokol Blosser Wineyards

  • Sunshine Dairy Foods

  • Suppoz Designs

  • Trader Joes

  • Widmer Brothers Brewing

  • Willamette Week

  • Whole Foods Market