Dance Macabre: The Testament of Francois Villon

Created by Stepan Simek, Jean Luc Bouchard, Francois Villon


Danse Macabre is a new live theatre piece created by international theatre director Stepan Simek and French/American actor and H2M company member, Jean Luc Boucherot. 

This new theatre performance will bring Portland’s acclaimed international theatre director and teacher Stepan Simek’s vision to life; melding the influential and classic poetry of french 15th century poet and ‘protest singer’ Francois Villon into a contemporary setting - into a live music tavern like atmosphere that lifts the energy, passion and political outrage of five centuries ago into the particular tense realities and social/political conflicts of life in urban America today.

The play will push boundaries of theatre-making in two distinct ways; first by staging the work in a setting that hovers in two times at once; a medieval tavern with a live band playing the music of Villon’s time, and a 2019 contemporary stylized new performance setting - with the piece moving effortlessly within these two worlds. Second by changing Villon’s poetry into story-theatre and image performance (puppetry that will live alongside Jean Luc Boucherot’s performance) and moving some of the poems into actual songs, and moving between French poetry and English story-telling in one seamless text.

The play is performed in both English and French and the music consists of a mixture of medieval and modern music performed on original medieval instruments.

To premiere in Winter 2020 


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Have Pity Up to $49

Blessed Conception $50 – $99

Golden Fleece $100 – $199

Fearsome Prince $200 – $349

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King Saranapalus $350 – $499

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The Legacy $500+

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