jess Drake

jess Drake

Psychic Utopia

This new performance explores the real human impulse to seek paradise on earth and the consequences of following that calling. It asks questions of the thousands who gathered together to build a controversial city for humans of a higher consciousness in the Oregon desert, and then witnessed its collapse. It plays with Oregonian’s repulsion and attraction to the quest for radical freedom and spiritual bliss, while freely sharing meals, embraces, beds, blisters, chores and crazy wisdom. As we share new ideas and material we aspire to create a little utopia with you -- the audience -- so please be there in body, mind and spirit.

Created by Hand2Mouth with Resident Writer Andrea Stolowitz. Presented by Hand2Mouth with Artists Repertory Theatre.

Have you ever made a radical life change in pursuit of utopia?

We want to hear your story. We are particularly interested in stories based in Oregon, but we are also keen to hear tales of utopian projects and the search for higher purpose beyond the Pacific Northwest. Please reach out to



DIRECTOR: Jonathan Walters*

PERFORMER/CREATORS: Sascha Blocker, Jean-Luc Boucherot, Jenni Green-Miller, Liz Hayden*, Erin Leddy*, Heather-Rose Pearson, Nathan Sorseth, Maesie Speer*, and Judson Williams

DRAMATURG: Jessie Drake*


STAGE MANAGER: Natalie Mecham


*H2M Company Member^H2M Resident Artist

THE DEVELOPMENT OF THIS PRODUCTION IS SUPPORTED IN PART BY: the Regional Arts & Culture Council and Work for Art; the Oregon Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts; the Kinsman Foundation; James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation; the Network of Ensemble Theatres (NET/TEN grant); the Oregon Cultural Trust: Oregonians sustaining, developing, participating in our arts, heritage and humanities; Templeton Foundation; & H2M season sponsor Ronni Lacroute.


Performance Dates

Work in progress showings

  • Fertile Ground, ART- Alder, January 25th, 2016: Portland, OR
  • Shout House, May 23rd, 2016: Portland, OR
  • Shout House, October 23rd, 2016: Portland, OR