Thirst portrays a mythical world where two women wrestle with their gifts and their demons, ricocheting between joy and terror, creation and destruction, wind and fire, defiance and madness. A third woman slips between their orbits almost unseen, a creature of the water searching for a soul, who is either their salvation or their ruin, or both. Inspired by the meteoric lives of Isadora Duncan and Zelda Fitzgerald, and by the tale of doomed water sprite Undine, Thirst is a fierce and glowing performance filled with movement, song and imagery.

 Director: Jonathan Walters

 Writer: Faith Helma

 Original music composition: Peter Musselman

 Set Design: Michael Pagliarulo

 Costume & Mask Designer: Amy Jo McCarville

 Prop & Object Designers: Timothy Scarrott & Dawn Panttaja

 Stage manager: Anjelica Singer

 Lighting Designer: Michael Weinburg

 Performer/Creators: Sarah Dyrhaug, Faith Helma and Erin Leddy

"Thirst begins as a noble tribute to three women haunted by the beauty and pain of the world.... The well-intentioned actors resemble a troupe of lonely bridesmaids, sobered up and suicidal at the end of the last dance."

-Toussaint Perrault, Portland Mercury, December 2003

Thirst is currently unavailable for touring.

Performance Dates        

  • December 2003